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Electromagnetic Fundamentals

Part of the spectrum warfare series, this course provides learners with the foundational principles of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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About This Course

This course delves into the foundational principles of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. It is part of the spectrum warfare learning series.

his course is for any analyst working in the field of intelligence—including government and government contractor company employees.

Learning Objectives:


There are no prerequisites to take this course.


Robert Folker's profile picture

Robert D. Folker Jr.

Robert Folker has more than three decades of combat-tested experience as an intelligence officer. Specifically, he has tactical, operational, and strategic expertise in intelligence analysis, surveillance, and reconnaissance; air, space, cyber, and special operations; and information warfare. Mr. Folker is a graduate and former instructor at the USAF Weapons School, earned a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from National Intelligence University, and is a published author on intelligence.

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