The Art of Product Management

Immerse yourself in a hands-on opportunity to experience product discovery with lean UX practices to design with measurable impact.

About This Product Management Course

Via hands-on activities and real-life stories, this course demonstrates how to connect the dots between vision, strategy, roadmap and delivery. Instructors share success, failures and practices they have used to enhance their strategic effectiveness—while fueling agility from the product manager’s seat at the table.

It all begins with product strategy and solving real market problems. From there, we outline the big picture of being a product manager, so you can relate to the mindset and activities required to be the “CEO of your product.” Traditional product management (or Agile product owner) training typically focuses on refining and executing against a backlog, but where does the backlog come from? How do you align product strategies and roadmaps with corporate strategies and drive execution from the highest to the lowest levels of the organization? By the end of this course, you’ll know the answers to these questions.

You will leave with an understanding of how to connect the dots between vision, strategy, roadmap and delivery, as well as more appreciation for the role of the product manager.

What You Will Learn

  • Align product strategy to corporate strategy
  • Develop roadmaps and use them to fuel continuous product learning
  • Compete in competitive markets and identify opportunities for differentiation
  • Maximize interdepartmental interactions and communication to learn and gain alignment
  • Conduct market research, capture market problems and understand the pitfalls of only listening to customers
  • Create “go-to-market” strategies that increase awareness and adoption
  • Monitor the value of the product/business line and establish the right KPIs

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone interested in ensuring that strategy is still the heart of process and agility, for instance:

  • Executives
  • Product and delivery leaders
  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Business stakeholders



Course Certificate

A certificate is provided upon successful completion of the course.

Course Format

One-day, virtual, instructor-led courses

Course Price

$740 per person

If you are interested in learning about special team rates and private classes for Federal government and government contractor organizations, email [email protected].

Upcoming Classes

None are currently scheduled. Check back for future course dates.