FedLearn Partners with QuantHub to Offer Data Talent Assessment Solution to Federal Government Agencies and Contractors

Alexandria, VA, Dec 10, 2020—FedLearn, the first-to-market online learning platform specialized and contextualized for federal government departments and agencies and government contractors, is joining forces with QuantHub to provide data talent assessment solutions.

QuantHub’s data talent assessment solution will allow FedLearn to align its learning solutions in its growing AI/data science course catalog to data talent skill gaps. Thus, allowing data talent in the FedGov and GovCon to take the exact courses they need to close those skill gaps and grow their careers.

“FedLearn is honored to team with QuantHub to provide its data talent assessment solution to our customers involved in the growing artificial intelligence and data science efforts across the federal government and contractor markets,” said Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, FedLearn founder and chief executive officer, “We look forward to helping our customers understand their data talent skill gaps that provides their workforce with insights to continue to grow their data skills and manage their careers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with FedLearn,” aid QuantHub CEO, Matt Cowell. “Developing data skills across the workforce is critical to the success of all organizations in the future of work, We look forward to working in partnership with FedLearn to assess data skill gaps and provide targeted learning recommendations for their customers.”

To learn more about FedLearn, visit fedlearn.com.

To learn more about QuantHub, visit quanthub.com.


About FedLearn
FedLearn is transforming learning for the federal government. We offer the first specialized and contextualized online learning platform directly supporting federal government mission areas. Our solution combines the best of traditional classroom and elearning settings to offer a rich, collaborative learning experience available anytime and anywhere. Learn more by visiting fedlearn.com.

About QuantHub
QuantHub helps companies deliver on the power of AI by providing tools to hire and upskill a high-performing workforce. QuantHub’s custom skill assessments and data challenges make it easy for companies to evaluate candidates quickly and with confidence. And, QuantHub’s upskilling programming baselines the skills of individuals and then provides bite-sized training tailored to the skills employees need to improve. For more information, visit QuantHub.

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Chief Operating and Marketing Officer
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