Professional Certification Programs

Advance your career in AI or data science

FedLearn strives to be an aggregator of great content for our customers in the Federal government and government contractor companies in support of mission and business success. We want to be the central place for our customers’ upskilling and reskilling requirements and our learners’ needs while progressing in their career paths—and this extends to professional certification programs.

Certification is an important part of our structured and holistic view of learning and development. Studying for, and taking, a certification exam, is the next logical step after taking our online courses in a variety of critical and specialized subjects in today’s world of work, like artificial intelligence, ethical AI, cybersecurity, intelligence analysis and beyond, and applying new knowledge and skills on the job.

Gaining accreditation in one’s profession or occupation is an incredible accomplishment and milestone. Doing so demonstrates a personal commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards and continued learning.

Individuals who earn a professional credential in their respective fields are valued by their employers in both the public and private sectors. The sky is the limit for their careers and earning potentials after achieving one of these professional gold standards!

For employers, offering certification programs supports employee recruitment and retention—particularly in today’s challenging labor market. Certified professionals also boost organizational proficiency, efficiency and productivity and reduce potential risks and costly liabilities.

FedLearn has begun our foray into certification by partnering with CertNexus by offering access to its online content and lab environments to prepare for three of the CertNexus vendor-neutral, internationally recognized, AI, data science and ethics certification programs:

  • Certified AI Practitioner
  • Certified Data Science Practitioner
  • Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist

Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner


Learn how to apply various AI and machine learning approaches and algorithms to solve problems while preparing for the CAIP exam.

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Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist


Understand how to identify and manage common ethical risks when developing and deploying technological innovations while preparing for the CEET exam.

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Certified Data Science Practitioner


Gain insights about putting data science concepts into practice when solving problems while preparing for the CDSP exam.

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