Certified Data Science Practitioner


For an organization to thrive in today’s data-driven world, it must treat data as one of its most important assets. Data can reveal insights and inform organizations—helping to guide decision making and influencing day-to-day operations. Data is also central to the effective and responsible use of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

As such, organizations in both the public and private sectors need a robust workforce of qualified professionals who can analyze, understand, manipulate and present data within an effective and repeatable process framework.

This self-paced, online course was developed by FedLearn content partner, CertNexus, to prepare you to take the Certified Data Science Practitioner exam. CDSP is a vendor-neutral certification designed for programmers, data professionals and analysts seeking to validate and showcase their knowledge and skills in the area of data science.

In this course, you will learn how gain insights and build predictive models from data by putting data science concepts into practice— bringing great value to your organization. After completion, you will be better prepared to effectively extract insights from data analysis and leverage those insights when solving business or mission problems.

This online course pairs reading assignments (via an eBook) with virtual, hands-on lab activities. After registering for the course, you will receive the CDSP exam prep eBook and the vouchers to access the online labs and certification exam.

What You Will Learn

  • Use data science principles to address business issues
  • Apply the extract, transform and load process to prepare datasets
  • Use multiple techniques to analyze data and extract valuable insights
  • Design a machine learning approach to address business issues
  • Train, tune and evaluate classification models
  • Train, tune and evaluate regression and forecasting models
  • Train, tune and evaluate clustering models
  • Finalize a data science project by presenting models to an audience, putting models into production and monitoring model performance

It is recommended that you space the training over the course of at least eight weeks to allow ample time to grasp the content and prepare you to sit for the CertNexus CDSP exam. Note that this is only a suggestion—you are free to complete the reading assignments and activities at your own pace.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Addressing Business Issues With Data Science

  • Formulate a data science problem

Lesson 2: Extracting, Transforming and Loading Data

  • Extract data
  • Transform data
  • Load data

Lesson 3: Analyzing Data

  • Examine data
  • Explore the underlying distribution of data
  • Use visualizations to analyze data
  • Preprocess data

Lesson 4: Designing a Machine Learning Approach

  • Identify machine learning concepts
  • Test a hypothesis

Lesson 5: Developing Classification Models

  • Train and tune classification models
  • Evaluate classification models

Lesson 6: Developing Regression Models

  • Train and tune regression models
  • Evaluate regression models

Lesson 7: Developing Clustering Models

  • Train and tune clustering models
  • Evaluate clustering models

Lesson 8: Finalizing a Data Science Project

  • Communicate results to stakeholders
  • Demonstrate models in a web app
  • Implement and test production pipelines

For more information regarding the domains and objectives covered by the CertNexus CDSP exam, download the exam blueprint.

Who Should Take This Course

This online course is perfect for professionals in both the public and private sectors interested in building, or enhancing, their data science knowledge to further their careers. It is also designed for anyone who wishes to take the CertNexus CDSP exam.

It is highly recommended that learners possess a working level knowledge of programming languages, such as Python and R; proficiency in a querying language; proficiencies in statistics and linear algebra; some understanding of the ethical implications of sharing data sources; and some familiarity with data visualization.


It is highly recommended that you take the FedLearn courses, Basic Data Management (AIDATA108) and Data Visualization (AIDATA107), prior to taking CDSP101.

Course Certificate

A certificate of completion can be downloaded after successfully finishing the course (following the FedLearn honor code).

Course Format

Reading assignments based on the CertNexus CDSP certification exam eBook and participation in online lab activities

Course Pricing

A bundled package of the course eBook, online lab voucher and CDSP exam voucher is available for purchase for $693.

After purchasing, the vouchers and information on accessing the labs and exam will be emailed to you. You will be able to access the lab for six (6) months after acquiring the voucher.

If you are interested in learning about special team rates for Federal government and government contractor organizations, email [email protected].

Continuing Education Units

This course provides 24 CEUs.

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