FedLearn and Nova Space Partner to Offer Space and Astronautics Virtual and Interactive Learning

Alexandria, VA, Oct. 28, 2021—FedLearn, the first-to-market an online learning platform with content specialized and contextualized for the federal government and government contractor markets, announces a partnership with Nova Space to provide asynchronous space educational courses—beginning with its Space Professional Course™—to customers.

The Space Professional Course is designed for novice and more experienced students and professionals who are interested in greater mastery of space operations and astronautics. The course covers a variety of topic areas through virtual interactions, including but not limited to:

  • Why space matters
  • Space history
  • Space environment
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Space mission areas
  • Orbits
  • Launch and reentry
  • Mission design and engineering
  • Space operations support

“FedLearn is delighted to add Nova Space to our roster of content partners,” said Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, FedLearn founder and chief executive officer, “Space is critically important to national security and defense today—and will grow in magnitude tomorrow. Our relationship with Nova Space will provide customers in both the public and private sectors a means to deliver foundational knowledge about the space industry to their workforces in a cost-effective and scalable manner.”

“Nova Space is excited to partner with FedLearn as we bridge the global space industry’s skills gap by providing an effective training course designed for all types of learners,” said Miguel Alvarez, Nova Space chief revenue officer and space subject matter expert, “Space is a growing ecosystem that will require generations of people who understand the intricacies involved with space operations. We aim to demystify the myth that ‘space in hard’ and break down the perceived notion that you must be a ‘rocket scientist’ to contribute to the space industry. Our courses provide learners the necessary foundation to collaborate with and work within the space ecosystem, ultimately ensuring humanity’s mastery of outer space.”

Nova Space brought together a group of space industry and adult eLearning experts to develop this first-to-market course designed to provide government, private industry and academia a cost-effective means of training and educating their workforces/students about the space industry.

To learn more about FedLearn, visit fedlearn.com.

To learn more about Nova Space, visit novaspaceinc.com.


About FedLearn
FedLearn is transforming learning for the federal government. We offer the first specialized and contextualized online learning platform directly supporting federal government mission areas. Our solution combines the best of traditional classroom and elearning settings to offer a rich, collaborative learning experience available anytime and anywhere. FedLearn is a certified service-disabled veteran owned small business. Learn more by visiting fedlearn.com.

About Nova Space
Nova Space is a professional development company aimed at bridging the space industry’s skills gap by offering virtual, asynchronous and interactive space professional courseware to individuals from all backgrounds and to organizations that want to enhance their recruiting, training and retention efforts to become more efficient and proficient within the growing space ecosystem. Our Space Professional Course offers prospective students and professionals a comprehensive and standardized foundation in space operations and astronautics and is designed to keep students engaged and prepare them to collaborate with other space professionals within the industry. Learn more by visiting novaspaceinc.com and view our demonstration video.

Michelle R. Snyder
Chief Operating and Marketing Officer
[email protected]

Miguel Alvarez
Chief Revenue Officer
Nova Space Inc.
[email protected]