FedLearn and PatchPlus Consulting Launch New Course in Spectrum Warfare Series: Basic Communications

Alexandria, VA, August 2, 2022—FedLearn, the first-to-market an online learning platform with content specialized and contextualized for the federal government and government contractor markets, announces the launch of the third course in its spectrum warfare learning series: Basic Communications. The course is being offered via a partnership with PatchPlus Consulting.

The course addresses communication principles and technology, which will improve learners’ overall understanding of spectrum warfare. Topics covered are:

  • Basic terms associated with electromagnetic waves
  • Basic concepts associated with communication systems and modulation types
  • Basic antenna characteristics
  • Purpose of multiple access communication architectures and frequency division MA, time division MA, code division MA and demand assigned MA schemes
  • Purpose of multiplexing and the difference between time-division, frequency-division and code-division multiplexing

Other courses available in the PatchPlus Consulting spectrum warfare learning series are Electromagnetic Fundamentals and Low Observable Theory. Additional course topics currently in development include infrared theory and radar theory.

“FedLearn is thrilled to offer the third course in the spectrum warfare learning series to our customers through our partnership with PatchPlus Consulting,” said Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, FedLearn founder and chief executive officer. “The course provides foundational knowledge about electromagnetic spectrum technologies and communications systems critical to mission success in military actions and intelligence gathering in support of national security and defense.”

“Training is our passion at PatchPlus and our exciting partnership with FedLearn allows us to continue to make a difference to intelligence and defense professionals by sharing our knowledge via the spectrum warfare series,” said Catherine Dunham, PatchPlus founder and president. “By marrying our expertise with the technical capabilities of FedLearn, we can share information and insights critical to anyone operating in today’s national security space.”

All of PatchPlus’ recognized subject matter experts in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; space; cyber; air battle management/command and control; and airlift operations fields are former members of the military. Many have more than 20 years of experience, and some are still serving. More than 40 percent are graduates of the U.S. Air Force Weapon School—the premier schoolhouse for Air Force tacticians.

To learn more about FedLearn, visit fedlearn.com.

To learn more about PatchPlus Consulting, visit patchplusconsulting.com.


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