Image inside a black hole

The “Black Hole” in Online Learning

What is happening inside the “black hole” of online learning? Obtain a glimpse inside with FedLearn to better understand training ROI.

Abstract image of human hand touching an AI "hand"

ChatGPT: Friend or Foe to the Intelligence Community

I think it is safe to say that large language models and generative artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, have taken the worlds of technology and work by storm. The unique capabilities of ChatGPT present an opportunity to enhance productivity across a wide number of functions. New research out of MIT supports this thought: “The ChatGPT using group …

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Professional Development Is a Differentiator Government Contractors Can’t Afford to Overlook

Investing in learning and development for your staff is a critical discriminator that your company can’t overlook when pursuing Federal government contracts (new business and recompetes). Professional development (e.g., online learning and other training opportunities) is always one of the first talent-related expenditures put on the “chopping block” during budget negotiations. And, if I may …

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2023 Online Training Forecast: Fueled by AI

As I was reflecting on FedLearn successes last year (including the U.S. Department of Defense piloting our artificial intelligence/data science course catalog and AI-powered, online learning platform) and looking ahead to 2023, I began pondering the future possibilities of AI-powered online training. So, what should we expect from AI-powered, online training in 2023? Here are …

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