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Ken France

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Ken France, SAFe Fellow, SPCT

Ken has more than 22 years of experience helping large-scale organizations adopt iterative and incremental development practices, such as RUP and Agile. Ken brings a pragmatic approach to the adoption of new practices and is passionate about empowering all levels of organizations in their journeys to drive sustainable improvements and meaningful change. Much of his career has been spent directly coaching Agile teams and their management chains on how to drive the change necessary to become successful at the enterprise level, while recognizing the uniqueness of each environment and what tradeoffs need to be made to achieve that success.

Ken is a recognized leader in advising on SAFe practices, CI/CD, Agile Scrum, DevOps and Lean IT to meet client needs across a wide range of industry verticals. He helps Fortune 100 enterprises tackle large complex scaled agile transformations in various verticals (retail, healthcare, insurance, finance, etc.). Some of Ken’s recent clients include Blue Cross NC, IBM, Number Six Software, Prudential, Rational Software, Sandia National Labs, Travelers and T. Rowe Price.

Ken is the first SPCT minted in the U.S. and a SAFe Fellow.

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