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Product management is, at its heart, customer or end user centric. It can help organizations achieve their mission or business goals by closing the communications chasm among product developers, designers, other internal stakeholders and customers. 

Product management methodologies are highly applicable to organizations in both the public and private sectors—including the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community and the government contractor companies supporting their missions.

FedLearn product management online course offerings are highly interactive and hands-on learning experiences. This lets participants put their new knowledge and skills to the test “live” while immersed in course content. 

Our goal is for learners to be able to immediately apply their new expertise on the job.

Whether your team is new to, or trying to scale, product management, the use of effective agile methodologies or design thinking, into existing operations, we deliver the right online training courses to achieve your organization’s goals in support of mission or business success.

Cprime Partnership

FedLearn is partnering with Cprime to offer the company’s virtual, instructor-led courses in product management that are designed for product owners or executives in the Federal government and contractor companies.

Browse this product management online training content and contact us with any questions.

Information Technology

Information Technology


Work with us to curate packages of BizLibrary's online IT courses to address your organization's upskilling and reskilling challenges.

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FedLearn Course Agility for Executives

Agility for Executives


Participate in an interactive workshop on product agility to Influence impactful change in your organization and improve technology ROI.

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FedLearn Course Adopting & Adapting Agility

Adopting & Adapting Agility


Extend beyond the basics of agile by blending product-thinking, technology, and process to truly achieve agility in your organization.

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FedLearn Course Agile for Product Owners

Agile for Product Owners


Gain knowledge to understand and apply the principles of Agile to build a product roadmap and become a better leader in your organization.

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FedLearn Course Introduction to Human-Centered Design

Introduction to Human-Centered Design


Learn about human-centered design—a mindset that approaches problem solving with a focus on the end user—requiring that projects begin at a place of empathy.

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Special enterprise-, department- and team-level rates for Federal government agencies and government contractor companies are available. Contact FedLearn for more information.