Introductory Concepts in Algebra & Calculus

Gain an excellent foundation in math to pursue more advanced learning opportunities in artificial intelligence and data science.

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About This Data Science Online Course

Develop your understanding of the basic principles and techniques needed to use algebra and calculus when solving practical math, artificial intelligence, data science and engineering problems.

This online course is comprised of a series of four compact lessons that address the essential elements to understand to apply basic algebraic and calculus principles. The first two lessons cover algebraic principles and the second discuss calculus fundamentals. Although the lessons obviously cannot include, or address, every possible type of algebraic or calculus problem, the content lays a good foundation to solve a wide variety of problems and addresses the concepts to grasp more complicated techniques and applications.

While immersed in the lessons, you will practice applying your new knowledge while working on a variety of algebraic and calculus exercises and problems (both graded and ungraded).

It is recommended that you take your time when going through the lessons and answer all questions to ensure you fully understand the sometimes complicated content—especially if you are new to algebra and/or calculus and learning about the concepts for the first time.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the primary terms and concepts behind performing algebraic operations
  • Execute a broad spectrum of algebraic operations by translating word problems into equations and solving those equations using algebraic principles
  • Understand the principles of incremental change as the basis for calculus operations—both derivatives and integrals
  • Organize and execute calculus operations for word problems based on real-world situations

Your Instructor

After graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colonel John Casserino’s work and expertise within USAF and the defense consulting sector comprised of more than 30 years of operational and acquisition experience in aerospace and command and control. Col Casserino also served as a USAF ROTC Detachment Commander—training the next generation of Airmen, while instructing college-level academic courses across a variety of disciplines. His postgraduate education includes Master’s degrees in Engineering, Communications and Education. During the last decade, Col Casserino has taught high school-level advanced placement physics, programming, astronomy and geographic information systems.

Who Should Take This Online Course

This online course is perfect for individuals who want to learn algebraic and calculus operations to solve practical math problems and more challenging problems in AI, data science and engineering. The course is designed for people with little algebra and calculus experience, as well as anyone interested in refreshing their knowledge of basic math operations and techniques to solve more advanced problems.



Course Certificate

To achieve a course certificate of completion, you must score 80 percent or higher on graded lesson quizzes and a final exam.

Course Format

Self-paced, online training course

Course Price

Individual courses are $49 (per person).

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Enroll in AIANA106

Continuing Education Unit Credits

This course provides 3 CEUs.