Data Analysis

Understand the fundamental concepts of data analysis and the key terms to manage, analyze and use data at work.

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About This Data Science Online Course

Data is the foundational element of all artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Understanding how to properly gather and analyze data and communicate findings is critical to its use in AI and machine learning applications and beyond.

This online course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and key terms of data analysis—all essential to your journey to data literacy.

Throughout this online training course, you will learn how to work with quantitative information of all kinds—nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. We will explore cleaning data and analyzing central tendency (mean, median and mode). These essential knowledge and skills will equip you to explore more advanced techniques to manage, analyze and use data in your work role or in support of your organization’s mission or business goals.

In addition, we will review basic definitions and essential data analysis concepts that are aligned with U.S. Department of Defense strategies.

Perhaps you may even decide to change your career trajectory and become a data analyst in the future. Anything is possible. The future is yours.

What You Will Learn

  • Compare data and information
  • Identify categories of data
  • Describe the data analysis process
  • Apply the data analysis process to exercises
  • Describe the role of data analyst
  • Identify types of a data elements
  • Choose how to characterize central tendency for specific data

This course is aligned with the DoD AI and Data Strategies.

Your Instructor

Alan S. Koch is a senior technical lead instructor. With a Master of Science in Management Science, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and more than 45 years of professional experience, Mr. Koch provides training, coaching and consulting services primarily in subjects related to information technology and data analysis.

Who Should Take This Course

This online course is perfect for U.S. Department of Defense or Intelligence Community agency or government contractor company professionals who want to improve their data literacy and who currently works with, or wishes to work with, data at work. The course is also an excellent starting point for anyone who wishes to learn more advanced data analysis and statistical techniques.



Course Certificate

To achieve a course certificate of completion, you must score 80 percent or higher on a graded final exam.

Course Format

Self-paced, online training course

Course Pricing

Individual courses are $49 (per person).

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Continuing Education Unit Credits

This course provides 2 CEUs.