DoD Data Management Practices: VAULTIS Framework

Take a deep dive into data management practices in the DoD, particularly the VAULTIS framework.

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About This AI Course

Data is essential to the development and deployment of artificial intelligence solutions.

These AI solutions are critical to the safety and defense of our nation and allied countries around the globe.

If the U.S. Department of Defense is to become AI ready in support of mission objectives, its workforce—no matter individual roles, ranks or organizations—must be data literate.

The DoD is investing billions of dollars to research, test and deploy innovative AI solutions developed by both the public and private sectors in support of a wide variety of mission objectives—for instance, warfighting operations, warfighter health, joint force protection, logistics and supply chain and beyond. To improve AI system design, development, deployment and use, the DoD understands that data is the linchpin to success.

The DoD released new strategies to guide its use of data to enhance AI systems and advance their adoption. Within these strategies, a set of seven goals has been identified to help accelerate data management efforts. The goals are referred to by the acronym, VAULTIS

Advance your data literacy in support of your career in defense and intelligence by enrolling in the FedLearn course, AIDATA111.

This online course delves deeply into the VAULTIS framework in the context of the mission and operations of the DoD. Along with reviewing the course content, you will contribute to virtual group discussions and provide feedback on the input of fellow learners.

Your online training experience will culminate in a hands-on activity in which you will utilize a real-world-based DoD case study to contextualize and test your new understanding of the VAULTIS framework.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the VAULTIS framework in relation to DoD data management practices

This course is aligned with DoD strategies.

Who Should Take This Online Course

This online course is perfect for any defense or intelligence professional working for the Federal government or a government contractor company who desires acquiring foundational knowledge of data management practices.

More seasoned professionals will also benefit from this online training experience to obtain a refresher on the critical subject matter.


This online course has no prerequisites, but completion of the FedLearn course, Basic Data Management (AIDATA108), is highly recommended.

Course Certificate

To achieve a course certificate of completion, you must score 80 percent or higher on graded lesson quizzes.

Course Format

Self-paced, online training course

Course Pricing

Individual courses are $49 (per person).

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Continuing Education Unit Credits

This course provides 2 CEUs.