Intelligence Community Micro-Courses

Increase your aptitude about critical national defense and intelligence topics with only small investments in time and effort (and money).

Enhance knowledge via “bite-size” online training opportunities

Today’s learners—particularly who are members of younger generations—desire the ability to gain knowledge and skills in support of their professional development very quickly—without enormous investments in time, effort and funds. Online micro-learning opportunities satisfy this need by offering small, “bite-sized” amounts of information on a given topic that can be readily accessed anytime and anywhere.

The FedLearn Intelligence Community micro-learning series is dedicated to rapidly delivering bits of critical defense (U.S. Department of Defense) and intelligence (Intelligence Community) information to our customers and learners.

Our current micro-course offerings are:

New micro-courses will be added on a regular basis.

FedLearn micro-courses can include a variety of entertaining and interactive elements, including, but not limited to:

  • Short, instructional videos
  • Practical exercises to apply your new knowledge and skills to real-world or fictional events of national or international security
  • Socialized learning like discussion forums and other opportunities for you to share your expertise, thoughts and input with fellow learners. Let’s learn from each other!
  • Short, graded quizzes to test your new knowledge and skills

After successfully completing all micro-course requirements, you can download a certificate of completion to share with your supervisor and peers.

Best of all, most of our micro-courses are accessible to registered learners at no cost!

Who Should Take These Courses

Micro-courses in the FedLearn Intelligence Community series are perfect for anyone interested in learning about a number of essential defense and intelligence topics—from novices to more seasoned individuals—in support of their professional development goals or career trajectories.



Course Certificate

Certificates of completion are available after successfully fulfilling all micro-course requirements (following the FedLearn honor code).

Course Format

Self-paced, online training course

Course Pricing

All micro-courses in the Intelligence Community series (with the exception of those developed by Dr. Urlacher) are available at no cost to registered learners.

Dr. Urlacher’s micro-courses are $19.95 (per person).

This micro-course series is automatically included when purchasing seat licenses for our Intelligence Community online course catalog. Click here to learn more and purchase

If you are interested in learning about special seat license enterprise rates for Federal government and contractor organizations, email [email protected]

Continuing Education Unit Credits

No CEUs are available for FedLearn micro-courses due to their short length.