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Explore how BizLibrary and Wharton Interactive can amply and innovatively address your organization’s leadership training requirements.

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For U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community to take advantage of  the power and possibility of artificial intelligence and data during times of conflict and peace, their leadership must possess the necessary expertise to effectively lead the development and deployment of AI and machine learning solutions.

These efforts will involve unprecedented levels of change.

The same is true for executives in the government contractor companies that support the missions of the DoD and Intelligence Community.

FedLearn is proud to partner with BizLibrary and Wharton Interactive (University of Pennsylvania) to offer their exceptional online training opportunities in leadership and management to the Federal government and contractors. In addition to offering solid educational foundations in leadership and management, the online course content will help leaders develop the knowledge and skills they need to direct successful change and next-generation innovation in a new world influenced by AI and driven by data.

BizLibrary Partnership

FedLearn delivers BizLibrary’s self-paced, online training courses in several key leadership and management subject areas to our customers. The courses and content are delivered via our AI-enabled, online learning platform, so our customers can benefit from the platform’s advanced learning analytics.

BizLibrary offers more than more than 900 online course titles in these critical topics to help your organization’s leaders and managers grow professionally and your teams to thrive and prosper:

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Innovation and Creativity
  • Management Essentials
  • Team Building
  • New Manager Fundamentals

We can work with you to curate a BizLibrary package to address your organization’s leadership and management development needs. Packages can be comprised of 50 or 200 online course titles to meet your organization’s specific training needs with flexibility and easy scalability.

Special enterprise-, department- and team-level rates for Federal government agencies and government contractor companies are available. Contact FedLearn for more information.

Wharton Interactive Partnership

We are thrilled to offer two of Wharton Interactive’s outstanding, hyper-interactive leadership courses to our customers and learners. Both online learning opportunities are perfect for emerging and more tenured leaders in both the public and private sectors to hone their leadership strategy, problem-solving and decision-making skills and understanding of organizational behavior.

Wharton’s course construct is innovative and hyper-interactive to create the highest level of engagement available while learning online. In fact, the Organization Leadership & Innovation online course is game-based—utilizing role-playing and scenarios in a competitive environment to make the learning come alive!

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these unique online learning experiences from Wharton Interactive.

Advanced Strategy & Leadership Program

Improve your leadership expertise to enhance your ability to solve problems, improvise, make decisions and explore new perspectives in this intensive, immersive course from Wharton Interactive.

Organization Leadership & Innovation

Enhance your leadership skills to help your team and entire organization adapt, innovate and thrive via this games-based course from Wharton Interactive.