Janes OSINT Masterclass

About this Course

Janes Masterclass is a modular and progressive self-study course that can be completed independently. Structured around established intelligence processes, the course is primarily intended for analysts undertaking open source intelligence activity as part of their roles, however academic and other researchers would also benefit greatly from the techniques and tradecraft the course teaches. The processes, sources, and expert judgement that make up Janes tradecraft enable us to offer you the highest levels of assurance. Janes uses a multi-faceted approach to open-source intelligence with all sources assessed for bias/objectivity, reliability, and level of certainty. The Janes Masterclass is derived from this tradecraft and expertise. The approximate time to complete the course is 40 hours.

Once you have purchased the course from FedLearn, we share your individual registration information with Janes. Janes then reviews the registration and contacts you directly with information to access and start taking the OSINT Masterclass. For organizations that want multiple seats in the OSINT Masterclass, Janes does offer a group discount. If you are interested in purchasing multiple course seats, please contact FedLearn.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact FedLearn at registrations@fedlearn.com