What individual analytics (metrics) are available and how do I access?

FedLearn offers a variety of helpful and interesting metrics for learners:

  • Z1 Score – Shows if you have absorbed a course or piece of content (or not). Scores can range from 0–100 percent. You are striving for higher percentages, but any score over zero shows that you have grasped the content in some capacity.
  • Z2 Score – All Z1 scores for a particular course or piece of content averaged together.
  • Comments – Total number of comments you have made on the platform.
  • Likes – Total number of “likes” you have made for any courses or pieces of content you have accessed.
  • Videos – Total number of videos you have accessed.
  • Podcasts – Total number of podcasts you have accessed.
  • Texts – Total text files (publications, reports, books and more) you have accessed.
  • Total Time Watched –Total time you have spent watching videos.
  • Total Time Listened –Total time you have spent listening to audio files/podcasts.
  • Total Time Read – Total time you have spent reviewing publications, reports and other documents.
  • Total SCORM Time – Total time you have spent in traditional elearning courses.
  • Top-Five Interactions with Influencers and Peers – Your five highest-rated interactions with any influencers you follow and any peers you have connected with on the platform (via providing “Posts” while accessing any course or piece or content or answering or commenting on any discussion questions)

There are two ways to access your analytics:

  • My Data: Click “My Data” on the top menu of any page on the platform or
  • My Account: Click your name at the upper right-hand corner of any page on the platform to access “My Account” and click “Analytics” on the middle menu