FedLearn and PatchPlus Consulting Introduce New Spectrum Warfare Course: Infrared Theory

Alexandria, VA, Aug. 16, 2023—FedLearn, the first-to-market, online, artificial intelligence-powered learning solutions provider offering content specialized and contextualized to federal government mission areas—particularly in the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community—announces a new course in its spectrum warfare learning series: Infrared Theory (ICFA121). The course, part of the FedLearn spectrum warfare learning series, is being offered via FedLearn content partner, PatchPlus Consulting.

This self-paced, online course delves into various aspects of IR theory, including key terms, definitions and basic laws and its application to military operations. The course covers:

  • Electromagnetic spectrum and IR theory fundamentals
  • Lasers
  • Key IR theory laws—Planck’s law, Kirchhoff’s law, Wien’s displacement law, Lambert’s cosine law and Stefan-Boltzmann’s law
  • IR detection considerations, detection problems and spatial resolution
  • IR sensor and infrared detection system basics
  • Different types of IR detections—infrared countermeasures, imaging systems, video trackers, terminal homing seekers and automatic target recognition

ICFA121 is comprised of nine short lessons that include video lectures, knowledge checks and virtual discussion activities based on real-world military situations.

Through this partnership, PatchPlus will develop an online course on electronic warfare—also part of the spectrum warfare learning series—in the future.

The course was developed by Robert Folker, senior strategist and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance consultant with PatchPlus Consulting, and several other PatchPlus subject matter experts. Folker is a recognized authority on indications and warning, sensitive reconnaissance operations, ISR planning, sensor employment and numerous intelligence disciplines that span the range from unit- to national-level organizations, cyber operations, U.S. and adversary weapon systems and transregional threats. He is a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and is both a graduate of, and former instructor at, the USAF Weapons School. Folker earned his Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University.

“The PatchPlus Consulting team possesses deep knowledge and expertise in myriad areas of spectrum warfare and we are grateful for this partnership,” said Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, FedLearn founder and chief executive officer. “The U.S. military and our adversaries use IR technology for targeting collections. As such, understanding the fundamentals of IR theory is a critical aspect of defense and intelligence analysis and the continue security of our nation.”

“PatchPlus Consulting continues to value our relationship with FedLearn and the company’s unique ability to employ leading-edge technology to measure and improve learning outcomes,” said Catherine Dunham, PatchPlus Consulting president. “Made possible by FedLearn’s innovative, AI-driven platform, PatchPlus will take learners on an educational journey in the study and application of IR theory and help the warfighter make the best use of the latest technology.”

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All spectrum warfare courses are part of the FedLearn Intelligence Community catalog. The courses are available for purchase individually and the entire catalog can be accessed by purchasing seat licenses.

To learn more about FedLearn, visit fedlearn.com.

To learn more about PatchPlus Consulting, visit patchplusconsulting.com.


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PatchPlus Consulting (patchplusconsulting.com) is a SDVSB and woman-owned small business established 2002 with a singular purpose: to continue to make a difference to the warfighter. The breadth and depth of our technical experience spans the DoD, Joint, Air Force and Navy communities. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering warfighter focus helps our customers meet and exceed their mission goals on time and within budget. All of our recognized subject matter experts in ISR. space, cyber, command and control/battle management and airlift operations are military; many have more than  20 years’ experience and some are still serving.


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