Are any shortcuts available to access FedLearn features?

Yes! On any course or content page on the platform, you will see a circle icon with boxes on the left-hand side of the page. After clicking on the circle, you will see five additional icons. Click to access these features:

What is “Discussion Forum” and how do I access?

“Discussion Forum” contains all FedLearn online course or content discussion questions and allows you to post comments about them. To access, click “Discussion Forum” on the top menu of any page of the platform Note: You can also access discussions while taking an online course.

What are “Posts” and how do I access?

“Posts” allow you to share comments and insights about a course or particular piece of content with your fellow learners. To access: All posts are located underneath the red “Post” button—in descending order with the oldest located at the top of the list. Important reminder: Posts are a social learning tool on the platform and …

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What are “Notes” and how do I access?

“Notes” is a helpful feature that lets you jot down any thoughts “live” when reviewing an online course or a particular piece of content on the platform for future reference. To access:

Can I provide feedback for any courses/content? If so, how?

Yes! You can provide feedback by “liking” and rating FedLearn courses and content. Your feedback is most important to us. Please moment or two to provide any feedback to the benefit of your fellow learners. To do so: If you have more substantial feedback to share about your experience on FedLearn or any of our …

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Who are “Influencers” and how do I access?

“Influencers” are a recognized subject matter experts in particular fields of knowledge. Influencers can be world-recognized thought leaders or an individuals or organizations with a great deal of expertise to share about a particular subject. You can follow these thought leaders and receive updates from them by clicking the “Influencers” tab on the top menu …

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What is “My Desk” and how do I access?

“My Desk” is where you can view the last course or piece of content reviewed on the platform. To access, click “My Desk” on the top menu of any page of the platform