Are there any social learning features on the platform?

Yes! You can share your comments and insights with your fellow learners or ask them questions about a particular piece of content/course. After you have accessed the content/course: All posts are located underneath the red “Post” button—in descending order with the oldest posts located at the top of the list.Important note: Only use discussion forums …

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What are “Notes” and how do I access?

“Notes” is a helpful feature that lets you jot down any thoughts or important points to remember when reviewing a particular piece of content/course for future reference. To access: Your notes are also accessible via “My Account:”

Can I provide feedback for any content/courses? If so, how?

Yes! You can provide feedback by “liking” and rating FedLearn content/courses. Your input is incredibly important to us. Please moment or two to provide any feedback to the benefit of your fellow learners. To do so: If you have more substantial feedback to share about your experience on the FedLearn platform or any content/courses, please …

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Who are “Influencers” and how do I access?

“Influencers” are well-known experts from the public and private sectors in a wide variety of topics. You can follow influencers in any areas of particular interest. Searching for any influencers is just like searching for content/courses: Once you identify any influencers you’d decide to follow:

What is “My Desk” and how do I access?

“My Desk” is where you can view the last course or piece of content/course you accessed on the platform. To access, simply click on “My Desk” on the top menu of any page on the platform