FedLearn AI and Data Science Catalog Expands With New Data Analysis Course

Alexandria, VA, Sept. 26, 2023—FedLearn, the first-to-market, online, artificial intelligence-powered learning solutions provider offering content specialized and contextualized to federal government mission areas—particularly in the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community—announces a new online course, Data Analysis (AIANA105). The course is part of the FedLearn AI and data science catalog.

This self-paced, online course introduces fundamental concepts and key terms in data analysis. AIANA105 explores:

  • Different types of qualitative information (e.g., nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio)
  • Central tendency
  • Steps in the data analysis process
  • Responsibilities of the role of data analyst
  • Definitions and essential data analysis concepts in the DoD AI and data strategies.

“Data is the foundation for AI and machine learning solutions,” said Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, FedLearn founder and chief executive officer. “To take advantage of the power of AI in support of mission requirements, DoD personnel must possess, at the very least, basic data knowledge and skills. The FedLearn course, Data Analysis, supports the Department’s continual evolution to an AI-enabled and data-driven organization in a most cost-effective and scalable manner.”

Data Analysis is included when purchasing a seat license for the entire FedLearn AI and data science catalog or can be purchased individually. Special seat license pricing is available for public- and private-sector enterprises, departments and teams.

To learn more about FedLearn, visit fedlearn.com.


About FedLearn

FedLearn (fedlearn.com) is transforming learning for federal government and government contractor organizations. We offer the first artificial intelligence-enabled, online learning platform with specialized and contextualized content directly supporting government mission areas. Our solutions combine the best of traditional classroom and elearning settings to offer a rich, dynamic and personalized learning experience with quantifiable outcomes. FedLearn is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business.


Michelle R. Snyder
Chief Operating and Marketing Officer
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