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If the U.S. Department of Defense is to evolve into an artificial intelligence-ready enterprise by 2025, its military and civilian workforce must have the right knowledge and skills in place to leverage these powerful technology solutions.

The FedLearn AI and data science catalog of self-paced, online training courses provides foundational knowledge in these important topics. It is the most scalable, cost-effective and innovative learning solution available to train the DoD workforce (and government contractor organizations supporting its mission areas).

Purchasing seat licenses is the most affordable way to access the entire course catalog.

Current AI and data science courses include:

The courses are aligned with the DoD AI Strategy and several with the DoD Data Strategy.

In addition to our contextualized courses, FedLearn courses offer a benefit unlike any other online learning provider: the ability to learn about, and experience, the power of AI on a first-hand basis.

Importantly, the FedLearn AI-powered platform also provides real-time, advanced learning analytics, quantifiable learning outcomes and other unique capabilities. No other online training provider to the Federal government and contractors offers this supercharged learning experience.

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DoD and U.S. Intelligence Community agencies and Federal government contractor organizations supporting their missions at the enterprise, department, team or individual employee levels.

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Federal government organizations:

  • $10/month ($120 annual)
  • $105/annual (paid upfront)

Must use a Federal government email address to purchase

Federal government contractor and other private-sector organizations:

  • $30/month ($360 annual)
  • $315/annual (paid upfront)

If you are interested in learning about special enterprise rates for Federal government and contractor organizations, email [email protected]

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