Janes Tradecraft 101: Open-Source Intelligence

Take the first step in gaining introductory knowledge about open-source intelligence tradecraft by enrolling in this Janes Tradecraft “101” course, which is perfectly designed for intelligence analysts undertaking OSINT activity as part of their roles.

Introduction to Analytic Tradecraft Writing for Intelligence

This course introduces the Analytic Tradecraft Standards and how to apply them to intelligence analysis writing. After successful completion, you will be able to develop a higher-value product that better meets the needs of your Intelligence Community customers.

Low Observable Theory for Defense & Intelligence Analysis

Part of the spectrum warfare series, this course examines the relevant aspects of low observable concepts, the technology used in the production of stealth aircraft, counter-stealth techniques and the implications to spectrum warfare.

Evaluating Evidence for Intelligence Analysis

Learn about the various types of evidence, the credentials evidence must possess and the necessity of probabilistic conclusions based on what you’ve learned to better evaluate your intelligence analysis.