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The national security threats the U.S. faces span a multitude of areas including terrorism, military, economic, political, technology and beyond. This continually and quickly evolving landscape requires that defense and intelligence professionals possess the right knowledge and skills in support of mission effectiveness.

The FedLearn Intelligence Community online training catalog provides foundational knowledge and expertise in critical areas that include, but aren't limited to:

  • Critical thinking
  • Structured analytic techniques
  • Writing to the analytic tradecraft standards
  • Electromagnetic spectrum warfare
  • U.S. Intelligence Community agencies, missions and history

The online course content is based directly on feedback from Federal government leaders about the knowledge and skill areas their intelligence analyst workforces need for mission effectiveness.

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The Intelligence Community catalog includes these online courses:

  • U.S. Intelligence Community (IC101)
  • The Intelligence Cycle (IC102)
  • Critical Thinking for Intelligence Analysis (ICAT101)
  • Creative Thinking Techniques for Intelligence Analysis (ICAT102)
  • Structured Analytic Techniques – Basic Diagnostic Techniques (ICAT114)
  • Structured Analytic Techniques – Diagnostic Techniques I & II (ICAT115 and ICAT116)
  • Use of Analysis of Competing Hypotheses in Intelligence Analysis (ICAT124)
  • Writing to the Analytic Tradecraft Standards I & II (ICIC103 and ICIC104)
  • Electromagnetic Fundamentals (ICFA118)
  • What Is Human Geography? (ICCM109)
  • What Is Geospatial Intelligence? (ICCM110)

Additional online training courses will be offered in the fall of 2022 and beyond.

By purchasing a seat license, you also have access to publicly available content curated for you in one place from sources like the Congressional Research Service, U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. These resources include joint publications, reports, videos, podcasts, and books on China, Russia, advanced technologies and more.

In addition, and importantly, the FedLearn artificial-intelligence-powered platform provides real-time learner personalization and engagement capabilities, quantifiable learning outcomes and other unique capabilities. No other online training provider offers this type of advanced AI-enabled learning experience.

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