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FedLearn delivers expanding self-paced, online course catalogs in topics of critical importance to our customers and learners in the Federal government—particularly in the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community—and contractor companies.

We strive to offer specialized and contextualized courses and content of the highest quality to address customer upskilling and reskilling needs.

World-Class Online Learning

We develop our own online course content and strategically partner with word-class private sector organizations—academia, companies, think tanks, and beyond—to offer their courses and content to our customers and individual learners. The courses are delivered primarily via our online learning platform.

These courses are created by defense, intelligence and military thought leaders; data scientists; information technology and product management experts; university professors; and other professionals at the pinnacle of their respective fields.

We also offer an online training library of defense- and intelligence-related micro-courses. Most are available at no cost to our registered learners

Online Training Powered by AI

FedLearn online training opportunities are powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence, which enhances user experience and provides advanced learning analytics. No other learning provider to the Federal government and government contractor markets offers these capabilities.

We want to be the trusted learning partner to our customers—providing outstanding, timely content to advance their workforce online training-related mission or business goals.

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Artificial Intelligence

Begin your learning journey in AI and machine learning with new understanding about the power and potential risks of these solutions.

FedLearn, aiLeaders,, and Wharton Interactive


Increase your knowledge about the cyber-related risks of AI and machine learning solutions—and how to successfully mitigate them.


Data Science

Develop your data literacy and skills to effectively use data solutions, make data-driven decisions and communicate data analysis results.

FedLearn, and

Abstract image of intelligence analysis

Intelligence Community

Learn about the U.S. Intelligence Community, including critical topics like intelligence analysis, spectrum warfare and beyond.

FedLearn, and PatchPlus Consulting

Information Technology

Work with us to curate packages of BizLibrary’s online IT courses to address your organization’s upskilling and reskilling challenges.


Leadership and Management

Explore how BizLibrary and Wharton Interactive can amply and innovatively address your organization’s leadership training requirements.

BizLibrary & Wharton Interactive

Abstract image of intelligence analysis


Increase your aptitude about critical national defense and intelligence topics with only small investments in time and effort (and money).


Product Management

Grow your product management skills with better understanding of agile methodologies, human-centered design, design thinking and more.

FedLearn, and Cprime

Project Management

Collaborate with FedLearn to design a perfect package of BizLibrary’s courses to advance your workforce’s project management expertise.


Futuristic, glowing quantum computer unit (3D render)


Gain an overview from SandboxAQ of the fundamental concepts of quantum science and its applications in quantum “technologies.”



Obtain greater mastery of space operations and astronautics with new knowledge about why space matters, space history and space mission areas.

Nova Space